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What Are Fish Tank Stands And Their Purpose?

Fashion 100% Cotton Autumn Thin Blue Line US Flag Children's T-shirtFish tank stands are specifically made to flaunt fish tanks at a height where we can view and maintain it conveniently. They are also built to hold the extra weight of a fish tank. Normally, a smaller fish tank can hold up to 40 gallons of water and it is usually displayed using a simple stand which is made of cast iron. Cast iron stands consist of four legs, rectangular top lip and cross braces on the sides and back. Smaller fish tanks usually use a filter that hang on the tank, the stand then does not have an enclosure for storage unlike those for larger tanks. These types of stands costs about $25 to $80 or more depending on the material and the weight it needs to carry. Tanks made of wood are more expensive.

Fish tank stands made for larger aquariums (50 gallons or more) are typically made of pressure-treated wood. This type of wood is chemically treated to prevent rotting. These stands contain solid tops and bottoms that should extend a little but beyond the walls to give you extra stability. They are also more convenient because you will have a cabinet at the bottom so you can store accessories and other stuff you need to maintain your aquarium. Inside the cabinet, you have a space for canister filters and wet/dry filters. The back is open with a center support. This will give you the convenience of putting tubes and electrical wires.

There’s a lot of fish tank stands to choose from. They cost about $150 to $3,000 or more. The ones made of Maple are usually more expensive. Some are made of painted acrylic or MDF (medium density fiberboard). Some stands can be as expensive as $5,000 to $10,000 and they’re basically stone, granite, marble imitations. When choosing a stand, make sure it has built-in necessary components and it will allow you to store aquarium supplies with ease. Some hobbyists choose a design which will match their furniture at home. Also, choose a stand that will be a perfect fit for your aquarium. It’s so easy to take measurements. If any part of the fish tank bottom extends beyond the stand’s rim it means the stand is too small.

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