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What Are The Top 3 Types?

Women's Min Pin - Day of the Dead Miniature Doberman Pinscher Sugar Skul Desgin Long Sleeve T ShirtsWhile some people may be “hat people” and wear them often, for others wearing one is a rare thing and usually for a special occasion. No matter what type of person you are, this article will explore the huge variety of St. Patrick’s Day cookie monster shirt dames hats available, including the top three types or styles to choose from.

Type #1
Old fashioned or any type of hat you can imagine with a St. Paddy’s Day twist. Just about any type or style of head wear you can imagine can be a St. Patrick’s Day hat. Some very popular chapeaus are the old fashioned bowler or derby, you can also find fedoras as well as top hats. For a more modern approach you can find baseball caps, beanies, cowboy (or cowgirl) hats and even fuzzy “pimp” hats all done in green and possibly covered with plenty of shamrock prints. Within each style you can find glitter or sequins, felt or velvet, there are even some with feathers.

Type #2
Leprechaun styled. No surprise here that you can pay tribute to leprechauns on St. Pat’s day! Of course, these fun pieces of head wear generally are green and will often include a buckle. Depending on how far you want to take the leprechaun look, you can get a hat by itself or one that includes either a beard and/or pointy ears.

Type #3
Silly and goofy. This category of hats can include anything you could possibly imagine. Want to wear a big green beer mug as a hat? That is just one selection you can make. Some may not consider tiaras or the headbands with the boopers on them to be hats but if you wear it on your head, I think it can be included. If you want to stick with something that is definitely a hat – then go with a really tall Cat in the Hat style hat, in green of course. Or you could try a hat that lights up. Also some of these light up ones come in varieties that also flash and blink.

From conservative, old fashioned styles to the silly oversized cookie monster shirt dames or tiny hat – there are so many different types and styles of St. Patricks Day hat that it is really easy to find one that suits your style as well as personality. The only real problem you may have is restricting yourself to just one hat!

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