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The Psychology Of Clothing

Women's Cotton  Devil Pin-Up Girl with Big Wrench Short Sleeve T ShirtsHave you ever noticed that when you put on your favorite clothing, your whole mood changes? Perhaps you feel a little more confident in a pair of high heels. Maybe you feel more professional in a tailored suit. Sometimes you just feel downright sexy when you put on that perfectly cut pair of pants. No matter which of these responses, the fact is that your clothing really can have a psychological effect on you. In fact, your clothing can have a similar affect on those around you, too.

When you are trying to get ahead in business or in life, you are often encouraged to “dress the part.” This simply means that you wear the clothing that projects the image of who you want to be. In return, you start to feel like that person, and then to act like that person. Other people see you in a particular way because of the clothing that you wear and the way that you carry yourself as a result of those clothes. There truly is a psychological effect.

“I once over heard a sharp dressed gentleman tell another person, you dress your body how you dress your mind.” – Jay Arrington

Some people have an exceptional idea of how to use clothing to their best advantage and want to share this talent with others. Creating original clothing designs is one of the best ways to do so. Tools like fashion designing software and starting a clothing line books to help these creative types share their vision and even see their own designs come to life. Whether it’s your goal to create an entire line of clothing to sell or you just want to better visualize your own ideas, this is a really helpful tool to do so.

One of the things you can learn through practice and study is how colors can affect mood. Of course, the color of a garment is only one way to create a psychological effect. The cut of the clothing is also important. So, too, are the influences that show through in the designs you wear. Whether you’re sporting a fun, retro look or clothing that is so fashion-forward that it has never been seen before, you are able to say something about yourself through what you put on your body.

The styles we wear not only tell others who we are, but they also make us feel good. Fun and flirty, serious and somber, or somewhere in between, the clothing we wear has a profound effect on how we see ourselves and how others view us, too. Clothing actually plays a part in the jobs we get, the relationships we have, and even our own self esteem. Those who are able to create their own clothing designs have an even better opportunity to influence these factors by showing their own true style.

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Lance Smith Public Relations, Researcher and fashion writer for Harper-Arrington Publishing. Check out and Digital Fashion Pro. Here is a quick tip: Learn how to use a fashion designing software if you are interested in fashion designing. A fashion designer who doesn’t know how to use a fashion designing software is like a chef who doesn’t know how to use a microwave.

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