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The right way to Know In case you have A 1970s Bicycle

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Learn how to Know In case you have a 1970s Bicycle
Updated on September 20, 2011 mulberry1 moreContact Author The Old Bike You Beloved, Is not Around Anymore
Things change over time. Everyone knows this, but sometimes it sneaks up on you. You think again and say, not that much has changed since I was a kid in class. Effectively, except for computers and the web. And perhaps cell telephones and iPods. However the usual issues, like kitchen appliances, vehicles, bicycles, and so forth were around and mainly the same as they are now. Then you look again at footage and realize you’ve been residing along with your eyes closed.

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You look back and say, it was like that? But the pictures don’t lie. That was you with the funny haircut, carrying those clothes that make you cringe, and standing there surrounded by stuff that looks prefer it belongs in a museum.You then look closer, and you remember all of the great things you left behind. The toys and video games from the 70’s. The things that had been so much fun before they changed.

As a kid, you had numerous prized belongings, but most likely one of the items youngsters remember most fondly is their bicycle. That image of autonomy. That empowering machine of velocity, stealth, and freedom. For those who have been a kid throughout the 1970s, you realize that bicycles have been completely different than they’re as we speak. In the event you weren’t a child in the course of the 70’s you could ask how, properly I can tell you.

Schwinn: The very best Present Ever Buy Now In the event you Had a Retro Bicycle What Would it Look like?
Not all bicycles had been the same in the 1970s. It isn’t like there was only one type of bike. Actually there were adults who had moved to 10 velocity bikes by the mid-seventies. Heck, there was an oil embargo going on and adults have been seeking to bicycles and different modes of transportation to get round. Gasoline was being rationed.

Some children had the more conventional style bikes. They looked more like the cruiser bikes of as we speak. They were carry-overs from the 50’s and 60’s partially. That they had fenders, front and again. On the back fender, there was often a metal tandem in case you needed to deliver a pal along. Not precisely a cushy journey for them. Most of them didn’t have handlebar brakes, you gave a pointy pedal backwards to cease.

For some time, I had a Schwinn with headlights and a horn built-in; all battery operated. Kids at all times personalized their bikes. Didn’t matter should you have been a lady or guy. Your bike was a statement about you. I added on a speedometer/odometer. It was a contest with my siblings to see who might rack up the most miles. To be cool, I added streamers to the handlebars and small hollow fluorescent coloured, plastic tubes on the spokes to make noise as I rode. In all honesty, they only seemed to work at low speeds. I additionally remember including a license plate; no number, no registration, simply my identify stamped in metallic.

All of this was nice, however for most younger children there was only one model of bike that actually stated “cool”. Just as children later wanted BMX bikes after which mountain bikes with their big nobby tires, younger children within the 1970s needed the Sting-Ray bike or an in depth facsimile. Schwinn made the Sting-Ray, but the generic time period for a bike with an analogous model was “muscle bikes”. Now, in case you lengthy for the quintessential bike of the 70’s, your retro bicycle should resemble one of those.

Sting-Ray Style for an actual 70’s Retro Bicycle
Sting-Ray bicycles first became popular in the 60’s, but by the 70’s most youthful children couldn’t imagine riding the rest. Right now, anyone really into vintage bicycles would covet a Sting-Ray however on the time, youngsters were pretty glad even with knock offs. It was a style, a look, a feeling. Doing a wheelie on a conventional full sized bike was almost unthinkable. Other bikes had been like station wagons but muscle bikes were like a sports activities coupe.

Should you asked a child from the 1970s what a retro bicycle ought to look like, they’d tell you that it must have a banana seat. The elongated saddle might fit a buddy on the back if you happen to needed and even had a “sissy bar” in back. The opposite defining characteristic was monkey handlebars. These allow you to sit without leaning over, they have been nice for simply tooling round, looking very nonchalant.

Even the form of those bikes was different. They were slightly streamlined with a curved body. Even better, they have been kid sized with only 20″ wheels most of the time; there was nothing clunky, gradual, or lumbering about them. In contrast to the bikes of as we speak, that they had a matching chain guard. Of course, you might have to realize we had bell backside pants and such to fret about getting stuck in the chains, so, yes a sequence guard may very well be actually functional. After all every part wasn’t black and silver both, there have been numerous colours to select from. Green was popular in my crowd. Additionally they had fenders typically, however they have been scaled down from earlier bikes. Many of those bikes were single speed, however there were a quantity that had gears and a single shifter stick in the middle of the bella canvas shirts for sale frame.

Of course, if you really wish to be true to the time interval, you must customize. For women there were baskets and streamers as well as flowered seats. Probably the most popular addition although was an prolonged sissy bar. The bar on most bikes was just a few inches high, so adding a 36 or 48″ high sissy bar; usually with a reflector connected, was common.

Ah, yes, this could be my retro bicycle. It wouldn’t be a chopper, a low rider, or have nobby tires. It could be a fondly remembered Sting-Ray type bike that I may spend summer time days tooling across the neighborhood on, and not using a care in the world.

Remembering the 70’s
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Sting-Ray Fashion: gregor_y.

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sendingAnn Pappas 2 years in the past

Such great reminiscences. I simply purchased my daughter a Huffy Sweet Thunder #2 bike from a second hand retailer for $60. I had wished one so badly when I used to be a lady, however we could not discover a store that offered them in Boston. My daughter loves riding it up and down the streets with me walking behind her. We’re searching for the 2 number 2 quantity plates to finish this awesome bike. Anyone know the place we are able to discover them. Greatest bike round, those have been the days, they actually ought to make these superior bikes again. 3 years in the past

I have a 1970’s sunsport 3 velocity and it is on the market. I stay in the Yukon. Bicycle in truthful to good condition.the gears r in the sprocket.perhaps four sale

Tony McGregor 7 years ago from South Africa

A very good Hub about bikes! I additionally love bikes.

Thanks for sharing these recollections.

Love and peace


Al 7 years ago

I keep in mind that my birthday present was a model new JC Penney bike,this was round 1973-74.It was painted from front to back in wild yellow-orange-pink colours.And the banana seat was vynil front to back yellow-orange and black.

LaMenace 7 years in the past

I grew up within the 70’s and had just a few bikes with banana seats and sissy bars. There have been some bella canvas shirts for sale older kids in my neighborhood that had retailer bought chopper model bikes with wild colors, stick shift lever brakes and lengthy sissy bars. I remember one man had a bike that had a steering wheel,identical to a car instead of handlebars. Man did I lust over that!

Teddi14 8 years ago from Southwestern Michigan

I grew up within the 70’s and had a bike with a banana seat too. You forgot to speak about the big basket within the front with flowers on it. LOL. Nice hub! I may have so as to add my bike to my record on my lens… Thanks for the reminder. games-hobbies/toys_kids_love

Authormulberry1 eight years in the past

I think the 70’s is when having a boy’s bike, jacket, or whatever first became the cool thing for girls. Guess it was to be anticipated as we now not wore dresses as the rule. Thanks for stopping by!

Frieda Babbley 8 years in the past from Saint Louis, MO

Ah, the reminiscences. In 1975, I had a silver and black batman boys bike. Yes, I used to be a woman. No my mother and father knew no higher (foreigners, you realize). Sure, all of the boys wished to ride my bike. Yes, all the women were jealous. No, I did not really feel dangerous about having a boys bike instead of a women. Sure, it was the coolest bike ever.

Victoria Virgo 8 years in the past from London, UK

The retro bike in London within the 70’s was The Chopper. In the event you did not have one, you had been one unhappy loser. So funny to remember how great those bikes have been however how full unsafe there were too. Memories. Ho hum.

abinavis eight years ago from Bat Island

Trying at the old bikes pictures deliver me back to my kids era. It was wonderful time.

Ricardo Nunes eight years in the past from Portugal

I had a bicycle like those… I should have saved it as my daughter would love to trip it now. Thanks for making me remember these days 😉

Nancy’s Niche eight years ago

I remember these bikes and my youngsters cherished them….Schwinn was a good strong product and reasonably priced.

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