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Cd Display Printing Screen Plate Making Expertise Course of Xiang Jie

Women's Friend Cotton Long Sleeve T-ShirtCD Display Print By Squeegee Stress plate to ink scraping net transfer to the substrates (CD floor), thereby forming ink graphic process, supported by wire mesh body, so important to the manufacturing display screen.

1 rational selection Stretching Tension Display screen Printing
important parameter is the wire mesh, mesh wire diameter, wire thickness, hole dimension, and under the ink, display diameter, mesh and wire mesh weaving strategies and materials straight chosen Stretching tension affect the scale, stretching the basis of those parameters on the display when the tension take a look at. Measurement of tension, the tension point must be being human t shirt collection measured from the Community box Position within the body 10cm, or measure the tension just isn’t accurate. Tension might be divided into the warp and woof of the tension, stretching via to the tension is when the complete quantity of the tension wire winding course; display screen is the display screen width of the weft route of the tension on the tension. Tension of the dimensions of the screen has a direct affect on the quality. The community version of excessive tension network with a lower distance, the printing course of to make use of much less pressure, reduce display wear, longer life, much less stress additionally helps to avoid network surrounding AIDS ink, deformation, increase community edge sharpness to ensure the printing effect. When the web improve of 1 times the distance of time, will improve by three occasions the deformation of the printing graphics. Screen tension is low, and beneath the ink dot acquire uneven deformation affecting hue. Screen uneven tension will trigger uneven ink movie thickness, pattern distorted textual content, local graphic fuzzy, community printing, in order that deformation or dislocation and other outlets, leading to Hue. However all sorts of wire mesh can withstand the maximum tension values are completely different, if the value exceeds a set most tension, display will lose elasticity, often known as plastic deformation or nets, the stretching must be consideration.

2 network field of the proper use of
Screen body supplies, part size, shape and processed formation and depth of such a direct influence on display screen tension and tension stability. Network field on the stick earlier than utilizing the network perimeter to surface and burr processing. Repeated use of the display body to make use of acetone Solvent Cleaning, remove the display screen frame floor residual ink Glue And screen debris. Stretching before the field on the community facet pre-coated layer of sticky adhesive mesh network glue stick within the wire-line community Reapply when a layer of plastic, listen to glue to penetrate into the fitting display surface facet of the net gap, so that Display screen totally bonded within the network box. When essential, the glue will not be completely dry, with plastic lamination stress floor scratch, to assist screen completely affixed firmly community field.

Three Stretching Technique (1) Standard Stretching Technique Torn off earlier than the tip of the first display irregularly, similar to amount inside the folder into the chuck, and pave the screen, after which clip the opposite finish via to the screen, and finally to network folder folder zonal boundary, this time mesh tension-free.

Requirements might be pulled by the tension of the online value of 1 / 2, and then stretched weft, in order that the tension of tension near the required value at the identical time, then alter the zonal and meridional tension, in order that all of the required tension value static 10min, to fully launch the stress. 10min after the adjustment of the tension of warp and weft tension to meet the requirement, still round 10min, so repeat the operation twice, after which brush Sensitive adhesive , Will stick in the community box on display screen, complete the stretching process. This methodology is a broadly used standard stretching methods.

(2) 30 Stretching Method Warp and weft direction of the first to fulfill the requirements of half of the tension, stability, about 1 ~ 2min after netting, so that increased tension required worth of eighty% to ninety%, stop 5min, and then netting to make it to the required tension values of the tension about 10 ~ 15min after the re-stretched to the required tension worth, repeat after the sticky web to complete the stretching.

In Stretching the method should concentrate to the next:
Stretching four-facet of the chuck in the 3mm gap between the maximum allowed throughout the network so that all are subject to tension wire and wire mesh to ensure that the same force;

Stretching items to correspond to the facet of the chuck to make sure that when the wire mesh in the Stretching almost sq., uniform tension all through;

screen frame dimension in line with the four corners of left aspect of the tensile correct margin, can reduce the potential of display tearing;

Stretching may be made 24h after the screen printing model, because of the excessive tension network model of the 24h, the tension will drop 10% to 20%, and the tension loss happens principally inside the first 4h, after which progressively stabilized ;

Stretching Stretching by the angle could be divided into direct and oblique stretching. To make the sting of the printing line straight, smooth, doesn’t produce jagged, plate-making course of whereas avoiding the moire produced (web wire and dot interference patterns generated), Stretching, the mesh of latitude and longitude strains and network box corresponding to the edge was a sure angle, this method is called oblique stretching. Stretching the standpoint there are a number of basic angle of 15 , 22.5 , 45 , 7.5 , 30 and so on. This point of view of several Stretching, 22.5 from the edge of the road has good flatness and smoothness. Ninety Stretching Stretching is straight, the line from the sting of the poorest high quality.

4 net pre-remedy Grinding using a devoted community of cream, degreasing agent based mostly on the coarse mesh degreasing therapy, to extend the non-porous surface of the smooth surface and remove the oil, improve the display screen size and the combination of photosensitive supplies, photosensitive supplies to improve wire-line adhesion, enhance the number of display screen printing resistance, reduce display within the manufacturing process on the photosensitive layer of the pinhole.

Attention to enterprise innovation change course of management to search out new concepts?? Command of the 2010 particular display screen printing trade of China Growth Discussion board

“Zhen Xing Cup” 2009 China Prime Ten selection display printing particular awards ceremony

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