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Marketing With Custom-Printed Promotional T Shirts

How about seeing people wear your company logo on their backs? By giving away promotional T shirts, you are actually getting the best use from promotional items- advertising that goes beyond a week or two. Most companies stock up their advertising tools with objects that do not give as much exposure as promotional t-shirts do. And while the use of promo shirts seem to be the oldest trick in the book, companies still use and love them for they work, and they work pretty well.

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T shirts with company prints usually serve as everyday reminders of what you are trying to tell your potential customers. In fact, for as long as someone decides to wear your shirt. It is not unusual to see someone wearing an old promotional shirt several years after it was given. The point is, shirts give you almost limitless, if not, long-lasting benefits.

Custom printed tee shirts are probably among the cheapest mediums for marketing your company or your products. While shirts are a bit more expensive than custom pens, notebooks, and various other promotional products, they provide maximum exposure for several weeks, months, and even years. Promotional Tshirts essentially serve as a walking billboard, providing people a message about your company, products, and services. Just imagine how much company exposure can be gained by wearing or having others wear your custom tshirt at a large function like a concert or sporting event.

Promotional shirts are functional for the users and the advertisers. T Shirts are a staple of daily living. T-shirts can be worn on a daily basis, by all age cohorts, by both genders and can be paired with almost all types of jeans, skirts, shorts — you name it. This fact substantially increases the reach of custom promotional t-shirts. If someone wears your shirt 5 times a year, which of course is a conservative estimate of how often your shirt will get used, you have already used your basic investment on the shirt.

On the advertiser’s side, cheap T shirts that are custom printed for specific companies or products can satisfy a host of uses. Apart from being prime promotional tools, shirts, especially the limited edition types, can be given away as prizes for contests and competitions sponsored by the company, as motivational tools to encourage customers to purchase more of your products and as give away items for loyal customers.

The so-called innovators argue that a promotional printed T shirt is the thing of the past. Newer and more inventive ways for improving brand recognition are provided by the radio, television and other mediums. The thing though is, promotional tees are very cheap options. Wearing and giving away promotional T-shirts is a cost-effective way to advertise and spread your message.

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