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Pets As Members Of The Family

Love my pet

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I have heard that some folks get real upset about how we cater to our pets. I have even read a few articles that are so against it that they get down right insulting with their comments. I think that is all very unnecessary. If they choose to not have pets as family members than they shouldn’t own any. But these are usually the same people that pet and adore their cars.

There are many reasons we have pets in our homes and lives. There is no reason to be ashamed of choosing a dog and considering them as your furbaby. This is not something you park in your garage, it is a living, and breathing beings.

We all want to be needed and sometimes we just don’t have a family of people for one reason or another. This is when our pets are a perfect substitute. Empty nesters, young professionals, the elderly and many other groups have turned to pets to fill a void or add to their families.

Listed here are some great reasons to have a pet in your life:

1 – It is a proven medical fact, when people are petting a dog or cat or any pet in general, that their blood pressure lowers and they feel more relaxed.

2 – Pets are great companions and help curb loneliness and depression.

3 – Pets can give people a reason to live because they feel needed. One woman said after the losing her husband the only reason she kept going was because her dog needed her.

4 – Pets are fun, they are great company and they love you unconditionally.

5 – Pets are many times great for services both emotionally and physically. They are help for the disabled and handicapped.

Choosing a dog

Yes there is a wide range of pet owners, singles, childless couples, seniors, american flag jean shirt men, women and families with children. Choosing a dog that fits your lifestyle is not as hard as you may think. Consider your house, your lifestyle and research the different breeds. You are sure to find one that will fit into your life.

My Chihuahua dog

I have two tiny dogs and they travel with us everywhere. One is a Chihuahua dog mix and the other is a Yorkie and they are the same as our children. They get to travel wherever we travel, eat the best food we can afford and have all the medical care that is needed for their good health.

If you are looking for unconditional love than add a dog to your family. Nobody will be as happy to see you or to spend time with you as a dog.

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