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The Top 5 Gifts For Your Husband

No need to worry ladies, we have spent countless hours researching the web to help you find the perfect gift for that special man in your life. Whether he is tech guy, fitness enthusiast, beer connoisseur, or just easily pleased, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy our top gifts for men this 2013 Holiday Season.


Nike puts it best, “Motivation on Your Wrist”. How cool would it be to give the special man in your life a gift that will keep him motivated to live a healthier lifestyle? The Nike Fuel Band SE is the latest high tech wristband that tracks daily activities by measuring whole-body movement. He’ll have his own personal trainer pushing him to reach his goals on his arm at all times.

The benefits for you are quite plentiful as well. He’ll have more energy, less stress, a toned body, and have the coolest gift to show off in the break room at work. He’ll think of you every time he checks on Fashion 100% Cotton Design You live inside my heart Children’s T-shirt his goals! Check out Nike for more information.

Date Night-Ins

Tired of the same old 60s striped t shirt taps at the local bars? Love trying unique one of a kind beer? Well now you can make your own special beer from the comfort of your own home with Craft-A-Brew premium brewing kits. These top-quality kits turn your kitchen into a Craft Brewery where you and the hubs ultimately become the brew masters. Choose from Chocolate Stout, Hefeweizen , Orange Ale, and more.

Save a trip to the bar and spend some quality time at home with your loved one crafting your own beer that you can serve to friends for the holidays. Not only will you get to brag to others about your Brew Master Skills, but you’ll be able to truly gain an appreciation for the art of brewing and learn about the ingredients and process as well.

Home Maintenance

Does your significant other love to work on projects and maintenance around the house? Well if the special man in your life is a handyman you may want to consider getting him the Worx Semi-Automatic Screwdriver. This is by far the coolest Screwdriver on the market. The Worx Screwdriver acts and looks like a revolver pistol. You load the 6-bit cartridge, pull the magazine cover back to load the desired screw bit, and BOOM – you’re ready to start working. It’s simple to use, wireless, and easily rechargeable for long lasting jobs.

No need to spend hours researching the internet for reviews because most men will vouch for this product. The Worx Semi-Automatic Screwdriver has 5 Star reviews online and has extremely positive feedback from acclaimed Home Improvement experts. No need to be skeptical, because this is not just another electric screwdriver that won’t last. The Worx Screwdriver will keep him busy and you’ll be pleased and so proud of him and all the new additions to your home. It’s a win-win gift that will keep the handyman happy 60s striped t shirt and the wife even happier!

The Worx Scredriver can be purchased at any Home Depot.

The Ultimate Gadget

Wouldn’t it be cool if you can watch your Cable or Satellite TV Channels anytime, anywhere or anyplace? The Slingbox 500 lets you do exactly that. This is the perfect gift for anybody that loves high tech gadgets. The Sling Box 500 lets you watch all your favorite shows in sparkling 1080p High Definition on any mobile device, tablet, PC, Mac, or connected TV. The Slingbox Design is very sleek and innovative and will look awesome in your living room. The uses for this device are limitless.

Stuck and miserable while waiting at the DMV or Doctor’s office is a thing of the past. Now you can watch your favorite programs while you patiently wait for any of life’s appointments. Your husband can now watch his football games while on the go, and that is the best way to score points with him. This gadget will benefit you and the whole family. Here is another sure win-win gift idea for the special tech enthusiast in your life.

The Problem Solver

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Does your partner snore or suffer from sleep deprivation? Do you suffer from sleep deprivation because your partner snores so loud every night? Snoring is a serious problem that can cause health problems for both you and your partner. Snoring is common — 1 in 5 people suffer from problem snoring or mild sleep apnea caused by snoring. Seeing how common it is, should help ease the sensitivity of the topic and encourage finding the perfect solution. So why not give the gift of a better nights’ rest to your partner?

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